The Maison des Guides de la Baie de Somme offers kayak or pirogue sea excursions in the company of qualified professionals aboard stable and safe boats.

You will enjoy natural surroundings in the company of birds and seals, etc...
kayak baie de somme

kayak baie de somme
Come and have a good time, supervised by professionals, less than 1½ hours from Calais or Boulogne and just 2 hours from Brussels, Lille or Paris. We also offer special sightseeing tours (of Fort Mahon, Le Crotoy, Abbeville and Amiens) for holidaymakers staying on the Picardy Coast. English spoken.

kayak baie de somme
piroque Stéphane (33 yrs), Engineer, Lille
« I am surprised by what you can see in the Somme Bay and happy to have been so close to seals in their natural environment. »

piroque André (70 yrs), retired, Dijon
« My wife and I were a little apprehensive about water, but the guide made us feel safe straightaway »